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This is my little waterhole on the internet. If I really wanted to sell myself to you, I guess I should be more active on Twitter or Instagram. Priorities… priorities :o)

I am a father. I am a husband. I am a naval officer. I am a dog owner. I am an - almost religiously - fan of simplicity. I am currently a staff officer with the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, working with IT transformational activities, tying People, Processes and Technology together. I am so much more.

I’ve been nerding around with computers since mid-90s and still is. What I do and how I do it has changed drastically, but the basic curisority that drives it is unchanged. Back then it was half-nighters with cola and beer and a monstrosity of a computer. Now it is short stints on the iPad in the couch - still with beer :o)

I currently live in Copenhagen, enjoying the relaxed bike-friendly atmosphere and growing variety of locally brewed beers of my native country’s capital.


Henrik the Nerd

I pride myself of being a bit of a nerd. I see it is as a positive, affectionate and encouraging term. Of someone with curiosity and a desire to gain insight. Something the world always has needed and always will need. I have been nerding around with computers for many years. Though my way of doing it, has changed significantly over the years. From fiddling with hardware and getting it to function, to running servers, doing help desk support and project management. My basic curiosity of these has always been there for logic, actions, automation, empowerment and what-not. I guess like a mix of Kant and Rousseau if you are into philosophy (another of my nerdy passions :o)).



You may contact me (securely!) through Keybase @boegh. I’m also checking out whats happening on Twitter now and then. I’m even sometimes active on IRC (old-school - I know…) on Freenode as heb.

Finally there is the concept of e-mail. I can be contacted on the following address (yes: You need to type it in manually and you even need to remove some text first; sorry for the difficult approach but spammers are really, REALLY the scourge of the earth…):